Tours that combine the history and legacy of Israel with wineries


Chaim uses his vast knowledge of sites in Israel, its history, and the world of wine by crafting interesting tours that he personally guides. These tours include historical sites, beautiful vista points and visits to wineries in the region of the tour.


As in Israel there are about 300 wineries, we will come across at least one winery in any region. The tours combine history, stories from the Bible and wine in an enjoyable and fascinating way, reflecting Chaim's love and excitement for the wines, food and way of life of Israel.


The majority of the tours are private tours, custom-tailored to the background and wishes of our client. You may enjoy a tour exploring the wines from different wine regions of the land or a tour where the wine is incidental. Individual tours can be combined to create a few days’ tour, as is suitable for each client.


Sample tours:



Depending on the client's interest, the tour can have a Christian or a Jewish emphasis.

Day 1The tour will begin with a panoramic view from the Mount of Olives of the Temple Mount, the Golden (or Mercy) Gate, Mount Zion, and the valley of Jehoshaphat.

Groups with a Christian orientation will walk down the hill towards the Kidron Valley and Gethsemane, visiting the Church of Dominus Flevit on the way. We will visit the site of the Bethesda pool and follow the Via Dolorosa, by the eastern market, to the Holy Sepulcher, stopping at the Lithostrotos-Ecce Homo. 

Groups with Jewish interests will go directly from Mount of Olives to the Western Wall to visit the Southern Wall and Chulda gates, walking on the original steps where Jews entered the temple over two thousand years ago. We will visit the Davidson Center and the excavations of the southern part of the Western Wall where, among other things, we will have the opportunity to walk on the road constructed during Herod's time as well as view a mikveh – a ritual bath used before entering the temple.


Both groups will tour the Western Wall Tunnels, where the whole length of the Western Wall has been exposed, including a bus-sized cornerstone weighing 570 tons, stopping right across from the Holy of Holies, the most sacred site for traditional Judaism. We will then go through the colorful market to the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem.


Day 2: We will visit Mount Zion and David's tomb, the Last Supper room, and Schindler's grave. Additional options include the new city of Jerusalem, with the spectacular design of the Supreme Court building; the Holocaust museum Yad-Vashem; and various Jerusalem neighborhoods.


In the afternoon, we will pay a visit to Domaine du Castel in Yad Shmona at the Judean Hills, one of most picturesque wineries in Israel with quality wines to match. Its wines were chosen as wines of the month by Decanter magazine, and Wine Advocate rated all its wines 90-93.


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Negev-Dead Sea


Day 1: On this day we will tour the southern desert of Israel, visiting sites like the Ein Ovdat oasis to observe wild ibexes and other native animals of the desert, followed by a tour of the home that Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, lived in.


The next stop will be the Cornmel sheep and goat dairy farm, located on a hilltop seemingly in the middle of the desert, where we will have the opportunity to taste their Brie, Camembert, Tom, and other cheeses.


After lunch we will have the chance to taste the wines of the Sde-Boker winery as well as some of the home wineries en route. Book Now


Day 2: We will start the day with a tour of the Yatir Winery, one of Israel's premier wineries, located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, followed by a tour of Tel Arad and Masada and a swim in the Dead Sea.




Galilee-Golan Heights



Day 1:

We commence with a tour of Mount Tabor, of note to Christian groups as the traditional site of the Transfiguration. The view from the mountain, including the battleground where the prophetess Deborah and Barak fought against Sisera the commander of the Canaanite army, is breath-taking.

Mount Tabor will be followed by a tour of Nazareth. We then continue to the city of Safed, where Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) was developed in the 16th century. Walking the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter with its old synagogues, is an enchanting experience for Jews and Christians alike. In addition, we could tour the galleries, studios, and workshops scattered throughout the artist colony of Safed.


We will continue driving north, along the Lebanese border, to Kibbutz Yiron, where the Galil Mountain Winery is located.



Day 2:

We start in the north at the Banias, old Caesarea Phillippi, where Jesus asked: "Who do men say I am?" We view a temple to Pan, the Greek god of the shepherds, as well as a spring that is the source of the Jordan River.We will be driving through Druze villages to the Bental Mountain, an Israeli post with a view towards Kuneitra and Syria. We will visit the Bazelet Hagolan Winery in Moshav Kidmat Zvi, tour ancient Katzerin and, time permitting, the Golan Heights Winery, one of the largest wineries and the first to introduce quality wine in Israel.

On the way down we will stop at one of the observation points in the Golan Heights to better understand the strategic importance of these mountains.



Jezreel Valley


We will visit the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite and Ahab's palace followed by

the Jezreel Valley Winery.


This is a suitable place to include some very good restaurants located on the

Gilboa Mountain followed by a tour of the amazing Roman ruins in Beit She'an

and drive back to Tel Aviv.



Sea of Galilee


Christian groups will tour Capernaum, Bethsaida, the Beatitude, and other sites around the Sea of Galilee that represent Jesus's mission in that area.



We will enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, see the magnificent "Roman City" of Beit She'an, visit a Crusader fortress with a breathtaking view and go back to Tel Aviv.




Ancient Shiloh in Samaria


One of the most dramatic sites in the country, the site where the Tabernacle stood will be a tour to remember.


In addition, Samaria is also one of the best regions for growing wine grapes due to the altitude that reaches 880 meters, distance from the sea, and temperature differences between night and day.


Many of the very hospitable wineries of the area with great vistas produce excellent wine (Shiloh, Gevaot, Tura, Har Bracha).


This tour can be combined with a trip to the Dead Sea or as a standalone.


A visit to Mount Gerizim (where the Israelites conducted the ceremony of blessing upon entering the land of Israel), including the Samaritan Community and the vineyards on top of the mountain, can also be added to the tour.





Tour Prices


Prices are fixed for smaller tours of up to three participants, including pickup from and return to your hotel.


1 participant - $350 per day.

2 participants - $190 per person per day.

3 participants - $150 per person per day.

For tours of more than three participants please inquire by pressing here.


Archeology, History and Wineries in the Judean Hills


This exclusive tour explores archeological sites that bring to life the biblical stories that transpired near the Judean Hills, coupled with the best wineries in the region. We will tour and conduct a wine tasting in the Shoresh vineyards of the Tzora Winery, the scenery of which could easily be confused with Tuscany. We will hear explanations from the winemaker.  We will then head toward ancient Tel Beit-Shemesh, the vicinity of Samson’s activities. Our next stop is a wine tasting and lunch at the Agur Winery.


Shuki Yeshuv, the winemaker, will conduct the tasting. There will be an opportunity to purchase wine at a 10% discount. Our day will conclude at Khirbet Qeiyafa, a fortification from King David's time, located on a hill overlooking the Elah Valley. From the top of the high hill is a breathtaking view of the Elah Valley, the biblical place of Azeka and the hills of Hebron.


We will explore the fortifications of that city and will "observe" the battle between David and Goliath that took place at its foot. 


For a special occasion it is possible to stay at Khirbet Qeiyafa to view the romantic sunset while sipping a glass of wine accompanied by local bread and cheese, sitting on the walls of a 3,000-year-old fortification from King David's era. It is as if the site has been waiting for your personal celebration.


The sun sets down on the western gate to the fortress. The Hebron Mountains from where the shepherd David arrived to the battleground are at the south, and just below is the battle place between David and Goliath. Your celebration here will be one of the most moving experiences you will ever encounter. 


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