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Winegott was established by Chaim Helfgott,  a member of both the Israeli and Pennsylvania US Bar Associations, with a solid background in finance, accounting, banking, and law.


Expertise in Wine


From 1985 to 1992 Chaim managed Allied Bank International, an international bank with offices in New York City and London. During that period he was introduced to wine by his London manager, which led to an ever-increasing love, knowledge, and appreciation for this wonderful beverage. Chaim participated in numerous wine courses and seminars in Israel, France, and England. He trained to the Diploma level at the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), the global industry leader in delivering qualifications in wines and spirits, becoming one of three Israelis ever awarded a diploma by WSET. Coupled with theoretical knowledge is his extensive tasting experience, consisting of thousands of wines tasted for either evaluation or pleasure. Chaim is a judge of Eshkol Hazahav, Israel’s most prestigious wine competition, as well as the Terravino International Competition. In 2009 he won the "Yarden" competition as the most knowledgeable wine lover in Israel.


Chaim is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers (CWW), a UK-based association of wine communicators, and is also a member of the French-based International Federation of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers (FIJEV). His articles have been featured in Israel and the UK, including in the Decanter and The Drinks Business publications.  


Years of investments in wine taught him the ins and outs of the wine trade, including names of trusted brokers, places of storage, and the importance of purchasing wines in bond. He has the ability to evaluate fine wine and use sound judgment as to the choice of wines in which to invest.


Tour Guiding


Side by side with his love of wine Chaim is enthusiastic about the history of Israel and has a great deal of knowledge in both Judaism and Christianity. He trained and became qualified as an authorized tour guide by the Israeli Office of Tourism in 1993. Since then he has guided and shared his love for the country and its history with hundreds of Christian and Jewish groups visiting Israel. The Ministry of Tourism refers tourists to him with wine or culinary interests, and he guides guests of corporations acting abroad such as IBM and Pilat Media.


The combination of solid experience and expertise in guiding with the knowledge of Israel and its history resulted in tours that mix historical and religious sites of various periods (Hasmonean, Roman, Byzantine, Crusader and even biblical) with visits to wineries located in the area, including explanations about Israeli wine regions and its wines in general. The tours are tailored to the needs of each organization or individual ordering a tour.  


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